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POLYMERS sets its targets by considering the ultimate satisfaction of both customers and suppliers. Our aim is to simplify the process of supply and demand for all our business partners in a reassuring way. We adopt the principle of working with trusted sources at all times, yet follow closely ever-changing business dynamics and innovations worldwide. Research and development studies drive the focus and progress of the company.

POLYMERS has all the tools necessary to provide the very best service to its partners. These include the rental of bulk liquid and solid storage at convenient and modern facilities, plus a variety of transportation and logistics solutions coupled with innovative contractual and delivery terms leveraging our financial strength.

Our products portfolio is determined by careful analysis of the best way to employ these tools to maximize value-added to the existing and anticipated needs of suppliers and customers alike. It is sub-divided into the following broad headlines:





Our geographical coverage is extremely wide, encompassing sourcing opportunities in Europe, Middle and Far East, China and the Asian sub-continent. Our home territory, company base and widest operation is Latvia.

The difference we provide is our integrity built on individual acumen, diligence and stainless reputation for solidity and credibility as well as our high grade performance in all the aspects of our business described above.