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By the 50s, plastic had established itself as a genuine all round material. Nowadays, it can be used in practically all areas of application inspiring researchers and developers to create more and more innovations. The same is true for POLYMERS when it comes to recycling – we are proud of the pioneering role we play in this segment; we are constantly optimizing our treatment processes and we shall continue to work intensively on this in the future, too. For, POLYMERS produces a wide range of high quality plastic granulates for a wide variety of applications.

Very different kinds of plastic – one goal

From simple packaging material to the complex interiors of vehicles: plastics are as varied as their areas of application. What they all have in common, however, is that they can all be recycled. Using sophisticated crushing and sorting processes, POLYMERS transforms the waste plastics into plastic granulates, which have the same high quality as primary raw materials. By closing material life cycles in this way, not only the world’s natural supplies of crude oil are being conserved but large volumes of production energy are also being saved. 

From collection all the way to marketing

Our plastics recycling activities cover the most crucial stages of the supply chain. Our partners can be found wherever plastic waste is generated providing container systems, punctual collection services and material-flow know-how. POLYMERS has access to a large number of facilities where the multi-stage processing of the material can be carried out. And the results of our recycling activities are excellent. Be it for technical components, film for food products or an alternative to wood and cement: POLYMERS provides the right product for each and every application with its very wide range of plastic granulates and secondary raw materials.